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• Custom Cabinetry
• Detailed Wood Carving
• Executive Gifts
• Fine Wood Art
• Unique Solutions
• Artistic Design
There are a lot of companies out there producing cabinets and a variety of other wood products, but sometimes there just isn't anything that fits your special needs. In these situations, the only solution is to have it custom made.

I have been doing woodwork for over 25 years and have created china cabinets, kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, fine art boxes and a host of other pieces that just cannot be bought anywhere. My clients range from the individual home owner up to large and medium sized businesses. All of my clients are very fussy about quality and appreciate the value of exotic and domestic hardwood.

I am not a factory or a big company. In fact, it's just my wife and I. We have a very well equipped shop where I produce my woodworking magic. When I am not working on client projects, I love to build wood art pieces and boxes. Check out our
SALE Section to see what I have left.

If you have a special need that requires custom woodwork, please give me a call. If you are an interior designer, realtor or building contractor, I would love to establish a working relationship with you to provide your clients with solutions that they cannot find anywhere else.