Carved Kitchen Cabinets

This gallery displays the carved kitchen cabinets that were created from solid oak and purple heart, an exotic hardwood from Brazil. Everything, from the casings to the doors, were custom made to fit into the available space. Since this kitchen was relatively small, care was taken to make the most use of the available space. In addition to the cabinets, the two entrance ways to the kitchen were also embellished with carved oak pillars and arches. Note the crystal knobs on the doors. The interior of the cabinets have oak-trimmed melamine shelves with oak laminate plywood casings. Hidden euro-hinges were used on all cabinet doors except the corner units for the "lazy susans" which needed to be double-hinged. To compliment the oak woodwork, the counter tops were done with a durable flooring tile that had the same colors in the pattern as the rest of the kitchen.

The motif for this project was grape vines and Celtic knots. The grape design was carved into the purple heart which are the feature of the cabinet doors. Celtic knots were carved into the rail and stiles and both themes were used for the arches in the entrance ways. Since the kitchen walls were not square (no surprise!), the cabinets were adjusted in size and proportion to match the walls and floor. In this gallery, the old appliances were still present but have since been upgraded with newer models.