Cell Phone Locker

When the Calgary company EnviroRentals contacted me with a unique problem, I jumped at the challenge. They had a kitchen area in their office and they wanted to add a wall mounted cell phone locker so their employees could safely store their cell phones and iPads while at work. Space was extremely limited and they wanted at least six lockers with keys and windows so the contents could easily be seen by the employees to reassure them that their units were safe. With careful measuring and a lot of planning, I created this cabinet made from maple. In order to keep each drawer as close to one another as possible, and to accommodate the shallow depth of the existing cabinets, I made my own drawer slides by dadoing a groove in the side of each drawer which rides over a wooden rail that is covered with low friction teflon. Now their only complaint is that my cabinet looks so much better than the factory ones it is installed beside, they are considering switching the rest of the cabinets to maple as well.