Bolt Box

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This project was a lot more complicated than it may appear. The top and bottom of this hexagonal box was carved from rough Maple. The sides are mitre-jointed Zebra Wood. The "bolts" are functional bolts carved from Birch with the hex head tops made from Mahogany. The "nuts" on the bottom are solid Oak. The best color to compliment this box for the bolt-shaped lids was Spanish Pine, which lends a beautiful reddish color to the finished piece. My first thought was to coat the entire interior of the box with red velvet, but the beauty of the Zebra Wood wouldn't allow that, so I put red velvet flocking on the bottom of the box to protect the contents that be placed inside. Felt pads on the bottom of the bolts and on the corners of the lid ensure protection with use.
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Spanish Pine
7.25" in diameter by x 7" high

1.15 kilograms without shipping container

Limited Edition of Two
Signed and dated by the artist

$395.00 USD
+tax & shipping