The Havanna Oleanna Cigar Box Guitar

Oleanna is an internationally celebrated glamour model. Her images have appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, art galleries, web sites as well as having television segments made of her. The main image on this guitar was created specifically for this project and does not appear on any other product.

The intent was to create a pinup image with the color and texture of a cuban cigar box and so we came up with the theme “Havanna Oleanna” as the brand name of these fictional cigars.

The main box is made from mahogany and the neck is solid maple. Zebra wood was used for the fret board and polished brass for the tuners and other hardware. The box is hinged and can be opened if the strings are removed. In order to maintain the integrity of the pinup image, the acoustic hole was cut to wrap around Oleanna’s body and as an added touch, a piece of fishnet backs the hole to hide the interior and give the piece that extra touch of class.

Only four guitars were built and no more are planned for the future. This was a joint venture between myself (I created the images and built the main box) and Dave Mercer and Ken Vickets. Ken is a master guitar builder and has his own business making custom guitars.
CLICK HERE to visit his web site “Chickenbone Charley”

These guitars are not you average cigar box guitar. Acoustically perfect but also wired to plug into an amp, the sound from these guitars rival that of high end traditional guitars. Because of the famous subject for this build as well as the quality of the construction, owning one of these pieces is certain to be the envy of all who see it and will no doubt radically increase in value over time.

One guitar was given to Oleanna, one to the builders and there are only two available for sale. We have one four string and one three string guitar. First come, first serve. Once they are gone, this build will never be repeated again!
  • Maple
  • Zebra Wood
  • Mahogany
  • Brass
  • Assorted electronic components
Dimensions (Box):
8" wide by 10” long and 3” high

Limited Edition of Four

$695.00 USD
+tax & shipping