False Security

Anyone who is involved in the financial sector, be they bankers, investors, stock brokers or any other area that deals with the investment of money, will appreciate the humor behind this piece. I called it "False Security" because, although it is patterned after the old style large bank vaults, this box does not lock. I wanted to have a heavy industrial feel to the piece and so the theme uses bolts, rivets and brackets that look like they could be from cast iron, but in fact, this beautiful wood art is made 100% from wood with the only compromise being the tiny metal spring on the closing mechanism.

The frame, door and bolt shafts are made from solid Oak. The body of the box is Mahogany. The dark accent parts are Purple Heart. The nuts and bolt ends are made from maple as is the cam on the "locking" mechanism. The bolts are actually functional and have been carefully carved and tapped so that the nuts actually thread onto the Oak shaft.

The "locking mechanism" is a clever design that utilizes a Maple cam to actuate a Birch pin which drops over the inside edge of the box. While this mechanism is functional, it is an artistic piece that is not designed for heavy use and the owner may choose to simply leave the box "unlocked" to avoid wear.

This was a complicated piece to make that required a great deal of planning and engineering to get it right. They took me way longer to make than I anticipated and the edition is limited to three. I doubt that I will ever make anything like these again and so the lucky owner will own a rare and unique art piece that is sure to draw a lot of attention.

What an awesome gift for that CEO or financial wizard!
  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Purple Heart
8.5" wide by 14.5" long and 9.5" high

6.6 lbs (2.3 kilograms) without shipping container

Limited Edition of Three
Signed and dated by the artist

$495.00 USD
+tax & shipping