Calgary Custom Woodwork Project Gallery

This section shows a few of the custom woodworking projects I have done over the past few years. They range from the very small, like the carved exotic wood boxes, to the large such as the entire kitchen cabinet makeover. While they display my skill at woodworking, they also demonstrate that I am more than just a woodworker, I also have a flair for the artistic as well. In fact, some of my favorite pieces have been described as being art pieces in themselves. Some samples of these can be found in the SALE section which show the level of care and detail that I bring to my work.

Not only do my projects need to be visually appealing and well constructed, some of them also require a knowledge of engineering, electronics and acoustic knowledge, such as the very cool entertainment center that features a hidden 60" flat screen television that is raised by a motorized lift system. This is just one example of woodworking solutions that cannot be bought anywhere.

I love a challenge! When you have a vision for something truly unique and have been told that it is just not commercially available, then please give me a call. I can create a solution for you that is well engineered, finely built and will be a showcase for your home or office.