Sewing Room

If anyone knows how important your workspace is, I certainly do. And whether you are working with wood, cloth or any other area, you need a space that is clean, functional, well constructed and esthetically pleasing. All of the cabinets for this sewing room was made from oak laminated plywood with solid oak trim. The dark wood that embellishes the drawers is purple heart. The built-in counter top was made from plywood and covered with a durable white formica. The shelves on the wall were also made from oak laminated plywood and edged with solid oak. In addition to the cabinets, shelves and working surface, I also made the thread holder on the wall and the desk top thread holders for the serger. The floor was covered with durable laminate boards. Even the valence over the window was made to compliment the room and embellished with carved oak patterns. This is a sewing room that anyone would be happy to work in! Bright, friendly and most importantly, very well made.